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Pangea/World Café
London Street, RG1 4PS
Reviewed On: 7 Dec 2004
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Public Houses in Reading
Berkshire, England.
White Horse
Previous Names / Status:
Kidmore End Rd, Emmer Green, Reading, Berkshire, RG4 8SD
1.74 miles from Reading station [Map]
Final Score: 7.0 out of 10
Steve's Score:3.5 (Out of 5)
Gray's Grade:3.5 (Out of 5)
Steve Supped:Greene King Abbot Ale
Gray Gulped:Ruddles County Ale
Garden / Facilities:Very nice garden suitable for all weathers!

7 October 2004

This place had a lovely homely feel to one side of the pub which was really nice. However, we sat in the other side which, although nice enough, wasn't up to the standard of the rest of the pub. This is way out of town and pretty much actually qualifies as a real coutry pub and it sure feels like one inside. There was a nice raised eating area which looked very pleasant and I suspect the food is pretty good as well. This place reminded me very much of the Warwick in town and no surprises really as it is another Greene King pub. I think they have some kind of master plan starting with taking over Reading and are probably putting someithing into the beer that will make us all become foot-soldiers to their evil world domination plans!! I can't be sure of this though so don't quote me. It's all very nice mind and in my opinion can only really be faulted in that the side we were sitting seems to let the place as a whole down a bit. S.
Oh my goodness, until I looked at the photo's I forgot to mention the garden! However, I'll let G expand on this as he was rather taken with it and rightly so. Bring on those long summer days. S.
The garden! That really was a bit special - a decent sized walled patio area with plenty of room and lots of greenery as well. They've obviously just done it up with new tables and chairs, big umbrellas to keep of the sun or rain - and some excellent huge heaters pumping out major warmth for those late summer, early autumn evenings. It was a bit strange the garden was empty but then it was dark I guess! Inside though the pub was very busy. The pub was nicely looked after on multiple levels, including the raised non-smoking area for eating. The bit round the corner where we sat might not have been the best corner of the pub but it did have a rather groovy fish tank on the go - so you could watch fish swim backwards and forwards whilst having a beer. G.


Greene King Pub and Greene King beer. I suppose you could argue that although the beer they had on offer is very nice and should keep most people happy it's not the biggest choice in the world and not much of a selection outside the standard beers we are beginning to see rather a lot of. S.
I went for the Ruddles because of the Cask Marque sitting proudly on display - and it was a proper pint unlike the nitrogen equivalent seen elsewhere. It was a good addition to the Abbot and IPA, which meant the pub does ok for beer. G.

VISITOR FEEDBACK [Give Your Feedback]

(Rated 2 out of 10)
Tracey Essery visited in October 2014

"Avoid this poorly run chain pub. We booked ahead for sunday lunch. There were 7 of us, which is a large-ish party but our order wasn't complicated. Four roast of the day, two chicken and bacon Caesar salads and a bacon and avocado sandwich with chips. It took an hour to arrive, there was no horseradish for the beef and the Caesar salads had no bacon or cheese in at all, although one inexplicably had a single slice of red onion. We asked for coffee after, ordered from the menu which offered latte, espresso, etc. and nobody knew how to make any of those. They managed to work it out but it took 20 minutes. The ladies toilets had one that didn't lock and one that didn't flush. The staff are willing enough but clearly management doesn't care."

(Rated 9 out of 10)
Henry Tupple visited in January 2008

"Popped in here the other week as I was visiting friends around the corner. Really friendly barman who was slowly getting his way around the till but explained that he was new and a little slow - but got the round of six drinks perfect every time. Decking outside looked inviting if it wasn't for the downpour. Inside was very pleasant and the landlady seems to be running the pub very well. Typical Greene King ales and the odd promotion on spirits. A tad expensive but was more than happy to stay longer than I had originally planned. Food was very good and actually quite reasonable - we had planned to go to a restaurant but were enjoying the pub too much! Only problem was that the gents toilet was a little in disrepair, a problem that the landlady and barman apologised for. I guess that it will be fixed up soon. I was told that there is a quiz night and a poker night during the week. I will definitely visit my friends more often now that I know they have a decent little pub on the doorstep! Cheers!"

(Rated 8 out of 10)
Koshi visited in May 2007

"as i have been to this pub once i thought the customer service was very nice, i felt as like one of my homeys would serve me beer;) i liked the atmosphere outthere & people chillin there:) ps.sorry for mistakes;)"

(Rated 1 out of 10)
carmel morgan visited in June 2006

"I ate here on Friday 23rd June and the service was appalling! The bar man literally threw our plates & cutlery at us & when we complained shouted at us that he was having a f**k*ng bad day! I used to go there quite regularly but the new staff leave a lot to be desired. We were made to feel very unwelcome and the barmaids face would have split in two had she so much as cracked a smile!"

Average Visitor Score: 5.00 out of 10


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White Horse Pub (Reading, Berkshire)
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