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London Road, RG1 5BJ
Reviewed On: 15 Dec 2004
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Public Houses in Reading
Berkshire, England.
Pitcher and Piano
Previous Names:
Friar Street, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 1DB
0.17 miles from Reading station [Map]
Final Score: 6.0 out of 10
Steve's Score:3 (Out of 5)
Gray's Grade:3 (Out of 5)
Steve Supped:Corona
Gray Gulped:Marston's Pedigree
Garden / Facilities:Posh pub with a few sofas for loafing around, tables at the back designed for eating - no outdoors.

10 January 2007

Ok, so as this place has had a refurb just in time for Chimbo 2006 we thought we better check it out. I know, I know, quite a few places have had refurbs since we were last in them and we haven't been back there but we have to start somewhere. It's basically the same idea just updated and a bit posher/trendier. Plenty of dark wood and plush red trimmings to give a slightly boudoir kinda feel! Old clientele frequent this place so I felt right at home!! Bums! That's not a comment on the clientele (or their assets) by the way, that was a expression of exasperation at my ever increasing age! G-Man, if you read this, we don't appear to have a place to input a new rating but I would definitely rate this a 3 now. Maybe even 3.5, but I will have to ponder that for a mo. S.
What you do is you just alter the old pub rating score you gave it because it's automagically saved the "Original Score" you see. Cunning I think you'll agree. I've taken the liberty of changing your score from 2.5 outta 5 to 3 outta 5. And mine too - as you're right - it deserves an extra half a point nowdays. Well yes, this pub follows the same forumla as before but it's much nicer. There were some sophisticated people in here on this visit and I felt a bit scruffy in trainers and jeans - very much an suited office workers establishment. They've re-done all the beer pumps in fancy metal with beer names embossed on them. You can only read them if you're stood at the right angle a couple of centimeters away from the pump. I had to ask the barman what beer was on offer - just the single one - Pegigree as before. Since the new refurbishment the piano seems to be missing though. I wonder if it's up for grabs on e-bay? G.

18 June 2004

Good to have a sofa, but it was a bit too chilly in there and they seemed obsessed with keeping the door open to pull in the Saturday evening crowds. A big piano too, but you couldn't even play the thing - so what's the point there? It's a nice place overall, but with over-priced food and beer, would do better if they stopped trying to be so poncy. Good for a business lunch. Bad for going to a decent pub for a decent beer. G.
Graham, don't pretend you didn't love that Piano, you were desperate to have your photo taken with it - proof of which will be on here soon. The pub's a Bar really not a pub at all. It's ok and it sure does have nice sofa's which will always be popular but there is nothing to get overexcited about. Seems to be busy on the odd Saturday or Firday I have walked past or been in (once I think of an evening) but I could think of places I'd rather go first. S.
Having re-visited the piano pictures, I feel this place deserves an extra half a point. G.


Beer was poor. Didn't taste as good as Pedigree out of a bottle, and that can't be right. Too frothy, and bit too much like off eggs on the taste. Took my score of the place down a bit. G.
It has been so long between going there and writing this review I'm finding it difficult to remember the details. Oh yeah, I had a Corona and needless to say it was as Corona is everywhere. From G-Man's review I guess I made a good choice with a bottle. My lady friend (Sarah) decided to have a cocktail which, although we had to wait for whilst they rustled up the ingredients, must have been nice as it lasted all of 3 minutes! Am I allowed to mention cocktails on the beer review? Well, I will as they were being drunk and someone might want to know. S.
Re-Review on the beer - Much the same as before and there is something for eveyone. We did comment that there is a proper draught on tap rather than frothy JS so that's a step in the RD. S.
Yeah, the Pedigree was actually pretty tasty - but the only real beer. There were about four lagers on the go - so a reasonable range for non-ale drinkers. G.

VISITOR FEEDBACK [Give Your Feedback]

"good music, decent pint (pedigree) can't be bad!"
(Rated 8 out of 10)
tony visited in February 2007

Average Visitor Score: 8.00 out of 10


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