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Random Pub Review:
Kings Road, RG1 3BJ
Reviewed On: 31 Dec 2004
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Public Houses in Reading
Berkshire, England.
Queens Head
Previous Names / Status:
Christchurch Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 7AZ
1.35 miles from Reading station [Map]
Final Score: 6.0 out of 10
Steve's Score:3 (Out of 5)
Gray's Grade:3 (Out of 5)
Steve Supped:Caledonian Deuchars IPA
Gray Gulped:Caledonian Deuchars IPA
Garden / Facilities:Garden round the back - not sure what it was like though

2 December 2004

It felt like a standard kind of pub, attracting a studenty crowd with it being close to Reading University. Does well for having a full set of good beers (from a variety of brewers). The lounge bar seemed very spacious but plain with a set of tables and not much else - very yellow as well from the walls to the ceiling. The other side had the jukebox and the dart board and some very bright and breezy blue seating. You have to wonder what the landlady (we assume) has done to have so many photos of her and graduating students plastered above the bar. They can't all be relatives can they?! G.
And if you look closely they also seem to have a letterbox way up there above the bar as well. most odd! Lovely looking building from the outside though. It was dark so maybe I missed something but the Queen Vic bust above the window or door is pretty impressive and the building is pretty attractive generally. As G said, it's a bit blander (not sure if thats what you would call grammatically correct!)and although perfectly acceptable, and seemingly clean (although yellow) not really inspiring. But yes indeedy, how many graduates in this family! I think they are using up more than their quota, but quite rightly they are very proud. there was a studenty feel, especially in the public bar type area though there was a resonable mix of all sorts. Not bad at all. S.
You can't beat a good bust. G.


Good selection of beers with Bombardier, Greene King IPA, and Deuchars IPA all available alongside the usuals which included four lagers. The Deuchars IPA was a very acceptable pint. G.
You couldn't really ask for more and anyone in their right mind would be happy with the Caledonian. S.

VISITOR FEEDBACK [Give Your Feedback]

(Rated 10 out of 10)
Julian visited in September 2013

"Newly refurbed, under new management and with a broad menu of high quality food at honest prices (though with a range of deals throughout the week) this is well worth a visit for food or just drinks (including real ale) with or without the children! I highly recommend a visit! No, I'm not staff/sponsored/etc, but I have just had a great evening there!"

(Rated 7 out of 10)
rodney visited in March 2013

"Just like to say that I am the current manager here. The reason why this and other pubs in the vicinity are either closed or closing is the lack of support and patronage from the locals! You could have Queen Elisabeth behind the bar and it still would not be good enough for most of them. They will lose the pub no doubt about that so any rantings on here are get back what you put into your local pub guys.....tired of them blaming the mangers all the time."

(Rated 9 out of 10)
scarah visited in November 2012

"ZYAN & MATT INVITE YOU TO QUEENS HEAD (Christchurch Rd, just along the road from Greggs,) Where there are no strangers, just friends you havenít met yet! NEW HOMECOOKED MENU SERVED ALL DAY EVERY DAY  FUNKY FLAVOURED  £1  VODKA SHOTS   2 POOL TABLES  JUKE BOX  DART BOARD ,  FRUIT & GAME MACHINE, LIVE SPORT. Excellent Outdoor area with 2nd Pool Table & Live Sport TV in Barn  MONDAT NIGHT 8pm QUIZ NIGHT .  FRIDAY & SATURDAY NIGHTS FREE B B Q   SUNDAY NIGHT FREE POOL  STUDENT & DOG FRIENDLY, KIDS MUST BE KEPT ON A LEAD AT ALL TIMES! "

(Rated 9 out of 10)
Sam visited in May 2010

"The floor has been sorted-there is now a nice deep red carpet in place along with the original floor boards. The food is excellent. Having chatted with the landlord and chef I know that it is freshly prepared. The beef burgers for example are made from mince on location- not shipped in frozen. The back garden has also been expanded and is starting to feel more inviting than it has in years past as well."

(Rated 8 out of 10)
dave beckett visited in May 2010

"great friendly pub good crowd if they were any good at pool lol billy and phillipa have done a great job improving it."

(Rated 6 out of 10)
Edd visited in April 2010

"I have just been back to the Queens Head for the second time after their refurb. last summer. Although it looks a lot cleaner then it did under the previous owner it is now somewhat on the clinical side. They new owners seems to have acquired some art work and this time around there were three cask ales on tap! Green King IPA (not a favorite of mine), but the London Pride and Hob Goblin were both in good condition. I also spotted a bottle of Glenmorangie behind the bar which is always good to see. The locals and the bar staff seemed friendly, and there appear to be two separate barmen, both with hats as Ollycat pointed out. Having see two very tasting looking steak dinners come out I was tempted to try one. The chef came out to apologies that there were now only large steaks available and to ask how I would like it cooked, rare, both very good signs that the food was not from frozen. Over all the food was excellent. The beer selection was ok and what was on offer seems fresh and well kept. The bar staff were on the ball and very friendly. The only things letting the place down are the lack of proper cider and the green linoleum. As the new manager seem to have most of the piece in place for a great local, and I am sure sorting out the flooring canít be too far down his (or her) to do list."

(Rated 8 out of 10)
kirsty visited in April 2010

"Very welcoming staff and good atmosphere. Obviously popular with both students and locals, nice to see the integration. The food was so so nice, made from fresh.Good selection of drinks, reasonably priced. The only thing I didn't love was the decor, but at the end of the day, that is at the bottom of the list of my priorities."

(Rated 8 out of 10)
Keith Lemming visited in April 2010

"I agree the green is horrible but the new management have added some life to the place! Serves great food, pies are top notch, and has a friendly atmosphere. Not the best selection of ales would love to see a local brewer on their pumps but all round a good little boozer."

(Rated 3 out of 10)
Ollycat visited in February 2010

"OMG. Jean, we're sorry, come back, all is forgiven. The QH is my local. Although the carpets were sticky, and the cushions weren't the best, it was warm, and you could watch the football. Now it's all changed. The landlady has left, and it's being run by a youf who never takes his hat off. Mind you, it's not often that warm in there. This may be due to the fact that when it was refurbed, all the carpets were taken out and replaced with green lino. Maybe the hospital had a job lot to get rid of. And then to add insult to injury, they painted the walls green to match! The "garden" is a patch of concrete with some elderly benches and lots of smokers. In all, it's not what you'd call inviting. This place could have so much going for it - location is great, building is classic. Just lose the green, man!"

(Rated 8 out of 10)
Angus visited in October 2007

"A really welcoming pub serving good ale (at time of writing: Courage Best Bitter, Adnam's Broadside, Summer Lightning and one other). The decor isn't particularly inspiring, but it still feels homely. The staff are superb. A few friends and I arrived hoping they would be showing a football match, which they weren't. But we asked at the bar and a man appeared with a ladder to turn on the projector, pull out the screen, politely offer the people sitting below it another table elsewhere, and move those seats so we could sit right in front of it! The pub serves a nice mix of people. Great home-cooked food as well. I couldn't recommend this place high enough."

(Rated 9 out of 10)
Jeff visited in March 2007

"I spent a lot of time in this pub when I lived & worked in Reading. Always friendly staff, one side louder for students and one side quieter (for Reading faculty, such as I was at one time). The b eer garden out back is a little dull but in good weather it serves its purpose. Very cosy & friendly."

(Rated 10 out of 10)
Michael visited in January 2006

"The pub has amazing homecooked food. None of the usual microwave crap. For anyone that gets confused about the extensive family, they are all students that worked there."

(Rated 8 out of 10)
Gabrielle Stanley visited in December 2005

"The graduating students in the photos all worked as bar staff in here over the years (or in the case of the PhD photo put in a lot of time on the other side of the bar)."

(Rated 8 out of 10)
Danielle visited in November 2005

"I am a deaf mature student and in the past, I lost alot of time and money searching for a lovely friendly pub near the city centre. This is a great pub! The landlady comes from Yorkshire and all the photos were of herself and students from Reading university who have previously worked for her. If u were a student - to invite an employer along to your graduation and have a photo shoot together- to share one of the important days of your life with her, shows alot! There are not many supportive landlandies and this represents what type of person she is. The quiz nights on tuesdays are great- very cosy! The people are very friendly and easy going. The foods are quite small in proportion (which is great for those conscious about how much they're eating or waste even) but is very affordable. Try it and get social!"

Average Visitor Score: 7.93 out of 10


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Queens Head Pub (Reading, Berkshire)
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